Google Pay Collect bubbles & Win Total Cash Prizes up to ₹400

Are you tired of collecting non-necessary Google Pay-Go India Tickets! And want to win cash prizes up to ₹400, just by sharing tickets and collecting bubbles. Here’s how you can win:-

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Event Details

  • Event Start Date:- 20/Nov/2020 – 12:00am
  • Total Cash Price:- Up to ₹ 400 💵 (See Cash Distribution Table Below)
  • Task-to-do:- Collect Go India Km’s Bubbles and follow the below steps.
  • Event End Date:- 25/Nov/2020 – 11:59 PM

Steps to follow to get registered in event

*Note:- Sharing others people KM’s screenshot, will disqualify from this event.

Time needed: 1 minute.

Follow each step carefully to get registered in this event:-

  1. Open and select city, share your extra ticket’s Link. 👍

    Read here:- How to share your Google Pay-Go India Tickets and earn unlimited KM’s


  2. You will earn KM’s, whenever someone claim your ticket. 🔥

    There’s no limit in collecting KM’s. So, you can earn unlimited KM’s.

  3. Open Twitter and follow @InGcash 😍

    Be sure to follow @InGcash on Twitter.

  4. Daily tweet your KM’s Screenshot in Twitter. Use hashtags ‘#InGcash’ & ‘#GoIndiaGame’ 💰

    Share your daily KM’s screenshot on Twitter and use #InGcash and #GoIndiaGame’.
    It’s very important you make sure your hashtags spelling are correct.

  5. Share with your friends and family.

    We believe in ‘Sharing is Caring’ 😊 .
    See below, how cash price is distributed & how points will be calculated.

How Total Points will be calculated

Earn KM’sYour Total KM’s
Share Screenshot Daily1000 * 5 days=5000 Pt
Follow @InGcash in Twitter5000 Pt
Total PointsYour KM’s + 10,000 Pt
Points Distribution Table

How ₹ 400 Cash Price is distributed 💵

You can check total entries at Twitter search hashtag #InGcash

1st Position₹ 200
2nd Position₹ 100
3rd Position₹ 50
4th Position₹ 25
5th Position₹ 15
6th Position₹ 10
Total Amount₹ 400
Cash Price Distribution Table

How can I claim my winning cash price

If you have followed each and every step carefully since now, your total points will be calculated at the end of this event. Then, our official Twitter handle @InGcash contact top 6 winners and pay their total winning amount in their Google Pay accounts 🤑.

How this event become possible

Thanks to our G-Sponsors & G-Donors 💕

It’s all thanks to our G-Sponsors & G-Donors who supported us by heart from start to this events end. Check them out here.

We love our sponsors and donors 😘, and we enlist them in our front page at GCash.

*This event is organized by GCash a popular Go India Ticket Bank & Google Pay has nothing to do with it.

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